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Using A Long-Term House Sitter? 5 Ways Storage Units Help Everyone

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When you're gone from your home for an extended period, a house sitter is a great way to keep the property safe, take care of pets, and have peace of mind while you're away. No matter what your circumstances are, a self-storage unit can help you and your house sitter get along and have a great experience. How? Here are five of the most impactful ways. 

1. To Clear a Room

Where will your house sitter sleep and take care of personal dress and grooming? Some homeowners offer up their or a family bedroom, others have a guest room, and others create a sleeping space in an office or gym. Whatever your plan, make both bedroom and bathroom space for your guest by clearing out clutter and making things comfortable and presentable. 

2. To Remove Expensive Items

Some people are hesitant to engage a house sitter — especially a stranger — to stay inside their home unattended. If this worries you, simply rent an appropriately sized storage unit of your own and remove anything that has particular financial or sentimental value. 

3. To Make Space Overall

Is your house or garage already full of stuff? Remember that the house sitter will need to move in with some of their belongings and attend to their own life while using your place. Give them the space they deserve and reduce the chance of accidents around your things by emptying out some of the extra clutter. 

4. To Depersonalize the Home

Long-term house sitters will call your house their own home for the duration. But moving into someone's personal space isn't always very comfortable or relaxing. Many people who use long-term house-sitting services make their home feel more like a hotel for their temporary tenants. Depersonalize the spaces they will use — including the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and family room — by simply taking out some of the most personal items. 

5. To Prevent Accidents

Look around your home to identify anything that could be hazardous to a house sitter or anyone they may invite over. This could include anything from firearms and knives to hazardous chemicals and dangerous tools. As the homeowner or renter, you are liable for injuries to a house sitter even if you're not there. So make sure you create a safe environment by taking these to another location. 

Where to Start

Whatever your concerns about your house or your house sitter, one place to begin is by touring available self-storage units in your neighborhood. Whether you need a lot of space or just a little, making use of a unit will help you head off with more confidence and less stress.