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How Can Self Storage Help You To Move Into A Tiny House?

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Are you downsizing into a tiny house? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median size of a single-family American home was 2,261 square feet in 2020. In comparison, a tiny home is typically 400 square feet or less. If you're shaving a few thousand square feet off your living space, take a look at how self-storage can help you to successfully downsize.

Buy In Bulk

The towering pack of toilet paper the warehouse club has on sale for a ridiculously low price won't fit inside your tiny house. The same goes for the cases of dish soap, towels, and other bulk buys. While you can save money with these types of purchases, the 400 or under square feet of space in your tiny home won't hold everything easily.

Instead of only buying what you need right now, a storage unit can help you to stock up. Remove a few items that you can use at home. Take the rest to a rental unit. Install wire shelving to organize these items and make them accessible. As you use what you have at home, remove the remaining product purchases from your storage unit. When the shelves are empty, you can buy in bulk again. 

Save Sentimental Selections

You have boxes of your child's old artwork and stacks of photo albums in your current home. While these items may easily fit into a basement, garage, or attic storage space, you won't have room for everything in a 400 square foot (or under) tiny home. 

There's no reason to throw away your precious memories just to downsize. When you move into your tiny home, the boxes and bags of sentimental selections can go into storage. 

If you have delicate documents or temperature and humidity-sensitive photos, consider climate-controlled storage. These units can reduce the risks of high/low temperatures and moisture or excess dryness. Along with purely sentimental mementos, climate-controlled units are ideal for fragile artwork (paintings, paper works, and sculptures), items made from leather, electronics, or anything made from wood.

Save Extra Furniture

What should you do with the furniture that won't fit into your tiny home? Your soon-to-be-former house has two or more bedrooms. It may also have a living room, family room, breakfast nook style kitchen, dining room, and playroom. Even though your current home has plenty of space to hold several beds, dressers, tables, couches, and more, your tiny home can't hold everything. If you don't want to sell, donate, or get rid of the extra furniture right now, move the items into a storage rental.