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Three Ways To Keep A Storage Unit Organized

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The purpose of a storage unit is to provide a clean and secure place to store any belongings that simply won't fit into your home. However, if you have a lot of stuff, it's fairly easy to end up with a disorganized and cluttered storage space. Learn how to keep your storage unit clean and organized.

Choose The Right Size Unit

Organization starts with a properly sized unit. If a unit is too large or too small, you can run into problems. Smaller units force you to literally stuff your belongings inside just like you would a drawer. This type of setup causes you to basically dismantle the unit every time you need to access an item, leading to a huge mess.

With too much space, people are often more apt to simply toss their belongings inside without worrying about organizing them. The ideal size of a unit is one that allows you to easily house all your belongings, while also being able to accommodate a narrow path to make accesses your items easier.

Store With A Purpose

Place each item in your storage unit with its purpose in mind. Consider someone who plans to store away sentimental family heirlooms, old clothing and their summer sporting gear, for instance. It's highly likely that they would need to access their summer sporting gear more often than their family heirlooms and old clothing.

With this in mind, it would make more sense to place the sporting gear near the front of the unit. This won't just make it easier to retrieve your belongings, but it will keep you from ransacking your unit to access what you need.

Label Everything

In terms of organization, few practices are quite as effective as labeling. Label everything that goes into your unit. Even when you're storing your items away with a purpose, after a few months it's fairly easy to forget what each box contains. Creating labels on every box or container will come in handy in this case.

If you have a climate-controlled unit, any type of label will generally suffice. If your unit is not climate-controlled, a regular adhesive label won't do. The elevated humidity levels in the unit can cause the adhesive to loosen. Choose a moisture resistant label option.

Don't end up with a cluttered storage unit. Take the initiative to keep your unit organized and clean to get the best use from your unit (like those at Millville Self Storage ).