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Storing These Household Items Can Reduce Clutter Around Your Home

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When it comes to renting a storage unit, many people take the approach of loading it with boxes of seldom-used goods, family mementos and other such items. While this approach can certainly be helpful, there are other ways to maximize your use of this unit's space. An ideal strategy is to regularly cycle your possessions through the unit — that is, load it with large and bulky items that you don't immediately need as a way to clear space in your home or garage, and then swap out these items when they're needed and move other things into the unit. Here are some ways to move forward with this idea.

Store Things Seasonally

Many homeowners have an extensive selection of seasonal items that get used for a few months out of the year and then simply gather dust the rest of the time. If your storage space at home is limited, storing things seasonally can be a viable option. For example, when it's summertime, store your winter items — this can include a snowblower, children's sliding toys, skis, snowshoes, hockey gear and even boxes of snow apparel. In the winter, return these items to your basement or garage and load your storage unit with things such as garden tools, food coolers, beach toys, summer sporting goods and more.

Store Bulk Food

If you're the type of person who is a budget-conscious shopper, you might often load up on items when they're on sale. However, if your storage space at home is limited, it can be ideal to temporarily store bulk food items in your storage unit, and then retrieve them easily when needed. This is especially the case if you buy large boxes and cases of products such as bottled water, canned goods and bottled products. A small storage unit lined with some shelves is an ideal spot to keep these items until you transport them to your home and fill the unit's shelves with newly-bought items.

Store Renovation Items

When some homeowners renovate, they face the challenging prospect of dealing with old furniture, decor items and other household goods. When you're busy with a renovation, trying to donate or sell these items won't often be a priority, and they'll subsequently take up clutter in your home. Instead, think about transporting them to your storage unit on a short-term basis. Eventually, you might choose to have a yard sale, and you'll be able to retrieve the items to sell. In the meantime, they'll be safely out of the way. Contact a company like Acorn Self Service Storage for more information.