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Child-Proofing Your Storage Unit

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If you are the parent of a toddler, and you need to bring them to your storage unit to look through your belongings, you will want to take precautions to ensure they are safe while visiting your enclosure. There are several steps one can take to help safeguard their child from an unfortunate injury while inside a storage unit (such as one from Pearl Street Self Storage). Here are a few steps you can take to keep your own child safe when you decide to stop by your storage unit to find an item. 

Keep Larger Items Away From The Middle

To help keep your child from getting hurt in your unit, keep big items along the perimeter rather than in the center portion of the area. Your child will be less likely to make their way to the furthest areas of the unit if exploring and the items will have the benefit of leaning against the walls, giving them some added stability as a result. This will decrease the chance of something tipping over, injuring your child as a result.

Add An Area Specifically For Your Child

Clear an area of your storage unit and designate it as the spot your child should stay while you look through items further inside the unit. Place a small table and chair in the area so your child will have somewhere to rest as they wait. Keep some goodies, such as coloring books and crayons or some small toys, in this area of the storage unit so your child can keep themselves busy while you sift through your belongings. They will quickly learn that this portion of the unit is where they will have the most enjoyment, and they may grow to be excited to see the goodies you have placed there as they will not get to play with them constantly. If you find something interesting while looking through your items, you can bring it back to their area to take a look at it in a safe location.

Evaluate Your Items For Lower-Level Hazards

Take the time to get down on your knees to get an idea of what your child sees when they walk through your storage unit. At this level, you will be more inclined to notice items that would pose as potential hazards. Crawl through the storage unit while looking for protruding items that may scrape, stacked items that may fall, and sharp items that may cut as you wake your way through. Remove any hazards immediately so they are no longer a risk to your child.