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3 Exotic Spirits You Should Try

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When it comes to spirits, some people palettes never go beyond bourbon and gin. There is an entire world of spirit distillation out there, literally. The world over, there are plenty of delicious, interesting spirits that can bring you inspiration and satisfy your taste buds. Throughout the course of this brief article, you'll learn about a few exotic spirits you should try.  


Slivovitz is a plum brandy that is popular throughout Central Europe and the Balkans, and is generally distilled in the Czech Republic. It is traditionally imbibed neat, so that the room temperature can compliment the plum flavor and aroma. In some parts of Central and Eastern Europe, slivovitz is part of important rituals and rites. For example, after the birth of a Serbian child, close friends and family of the parents congregate to drink this delicious, full bodied and aromatic brandy.


Absinthe is a beverage that is largely known for its strong, almost licorice-like flavor and unorthodox method of preparation. After the absinthe is poured into a transparent glass specifically designed for downing absinthe, a spoon with holes in it is placed over the glass, and a small sugar cube is placed over the spoon. The person in charge of preparing the drink then slowly drips water over the sugar. The sugar water eventually drips down into the glass and the drink becomes cloudy. Absinthe is also known for being one of the only liquors to contain thujone, an ingredient that was illegal throughout most of the United States for many years. Although absinthe is now legal, the thujone levels in the drink are heavily regulated.


Amaro is the Italian word for "bitter". This will give you a distinct idea of what this liqueur tastes like! Amaro is a heavy, syrupy drink that is often times served throughout Italy as an after dinner beverage to aid in digestion. Amaro is often flavored in such a way that might make the typical American drinker scratch his or her head, but if nothing can be said about flavors like artichoke, rhubarb, fennel, black truffles, or walnuts is that they all make for an interesting discussion after a taste test. Amaro is often served with club soda or on the rocks.

Hopefully, this brief guide has given you reason to contact your local liquor store immediately. These drinks might defy expectations of what a spirit should taste like. Contact a local provider, such as Universal Discount Package Store, for further assistance.