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Why You Need Self Storage When You're Making A Move

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When you're about to make a move from one home to another, you may want to consider what renting a self storage unit can do for you. Making a move can be a tedious task, and even more so when complicated by early closings, long-distance relocation, or limited space in your new home. So if you want to make the move a little easier for every step of the way, here's why you may want to look into self storage.

It May Be Free

Though it isn't always included in moving services, if you use one, or even if you rent a moving van yourself, you may be entitled to free storage space during the process. Even if it isn't free, some moving companies offer discounts to self storage units, and some storage facilities offer moving discounts or negotiable deals on units you can use while you make a transition.

If you're moving for work, some companies will pay for your moving and storage expenses during the process of relocating to a new home. But even if they don't, you definitely have a good chance of getting a storage unit paid for, because it may be classified as an expense that you can deduct from your taxes. Because self storage is highly competitive, you should always opt to see what's available in the area you're moving to or where you're leaving from, especially if your belongings need to be out of your sold home before you're ready to make a move.

Storage Helps You Get Space

Getting the space you need while you're getting situated in a new home can be difficult, especially if you also have to resume work and daily activities while making the transition. So before you set everything in a common area and vow to "get to it later," consider freeing up some space in your new home with a self storage unit. Containing anything you won't be needing immediately can help you stay organized and focused on critical tasks in moving, like making immediate home updates, hooking up new utilities, and getting heavy furniture and appliances settled. Having a storage unit that's external from space in your new home can seem like an excess expense, but if you're only renting for a short period of time, it can offer you a chance to breathe and get settled without getting overwhelmed by the monumental task ahead.

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