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Preparing Your Belongings For Storage

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When you are going to be packing your belongings into a storage unit you want to make sure you take all necessary precautions to ensure your items are well-protected. This article will give you tips on packing your things so you know they are going to be in the same condition when you take them out of storage as they were in when you packed them.

Packing your appliances

You want to clean all your appliances well before you store them. Otherwise, they can get a bad smell to them and they can draw rodents and other pests to your storage unit.

The shelves inside each appliance should be removed, wrapped in towels and stacked in the appliance, or packed in a box.

Knobs that protrude should be removed and taped to the inside of the unit so they don't get damaged or cause damage to nearby items. Cords should be taped to the side of the appliances so they aren't tripping hazards.

Packing your flatscreen TVs and monitors

TVs and monitors should be packed in appropriately sized boxes with packing material. If you can't find good boxes, then you should cut a piece of cardboard to fit the front so the screen is protected.

Use packing tape to cover the entire screen with the piece of cardboard and tape the cord and the remote control to the back. Make sure you remove the batteries from the remote so they don't corrode while in storage.

Protecting your glass lamps

If you can find a box large enough for the lamp, then pack it with packing material and store the lamp in it. If no box can be found that fits right, then you can use a smaller box. Use boxes that are slightly bigger than the base of the lamp and come at least half-way up them. Wrap the lamp and set it in the box. Take another towel and stuff it around the sides so the lamp won't tip.

Protecting your pictures

Take a large, thick blanket and fold it in half, lay it out in the middle of the room and place a picture face down on it. Fold the picture over twice so it is protected on both sides and set another picture on top. Do this same thing until you have used the whole blanket. Repeat the process with another blanket and stack them all on top of each other. Use tape across and around the stack to hold them all in place.

By following the advice detailed here you can expect your items to be in the same condition when you pull them out of the unit.

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