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Secure Your Belongings With Information And Cost Effectiveness - A Size Guide For Storage Units

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Whether you're a college student looking to stash a few belongings for the summer or a property owner faced with storing a full house-worth of furniture, commercial storage units offer a great way to make sure your items are in a secure, climate controlled, and easy to access environment. However, some people hesitate to commit to a rental out of a concern that they'll end up with either too much or not enough space.

If you're worried about selecting the right unit for your needs, the size guide below should provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice. Following these suggestions will help you maximize your efficiency and should guarantee that you can hang on to as many things as you want.


Among the smallest units that are typically available, a 5x10 is designed to accommodate the contents of one person's bedroom. With careful packing, you should be able to contain several cartons, a queen sized bed, and some small items that will fill in the gaps.

A 5x10 unit is also very useful if you need to put your individual office into storage. If you're transitioning between jobs, renting a 5x10 unit can allow you to hang on to your productivity tools until you transition to your next stop.


A 10x10 unit is commonly used when two households consolidate. If you're moving in with someone and have to handle redundant furniture that you don't want to throw away, renting a 10x10 unit should allow you to store several large pieces along with a generous supplement of moving boxes.

Typically, a 10x10 storage unit is roughly the size of a one-car garage. If you check with a professional storage facility, like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, and take proper precautions to secure the vehicle, it can be a great place to store a car or motorcycle that you may otherwise be unable to park. Keep in mind that this will obviously require outside access in order to safely enter and exit the premises. 


Typically the largest available storage unit, 10x30 units offer you the ability to store a full house's worth of items. This may be necessary if you inherit a home from a deceased relative and need to secure the belongings prior to an estate sale. A 10x30 unit is also useful if you're relocating your company and need temporary storage for all of your office furniture and files, as it will allow you to secure all of those items at one central location.