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How To Free Up Valuable Space In Your Storage Unit

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Finding more free space inside a storage unit can be difficult if you are completely unorganized and have things all over the place. Here are some organizational tips that can help you free up space and make things easier to find when you need to locate a specific item.

Wrap Items Together To Keep Out Dust & Dirt

Wrapping boxes together in industrial wrap will help to keep contaminants, such as dust and dirt out of the boxes. It will also help to keep out potential insects that may gain access to the unit and be attracted to the scent of the contents inside in the box. Wrapping boxes together will help to save a few dollars on the amount of industrial wrap you use and group similar boxes together as a unit.

Label Each Box With A White Written Label

Labeling each and every box will allow you to look at the box and know exactly what the contents of the box are. Buy a set of white labels and a black magic marker that you can write on and stick to the side of each box. Make sure that you place a sticker on each side of the box that way if one of the labels gets wet of becomes unreadable then you can simply reference the other side and still know what the contents are.

Take Inventory Of Everything & Keep It Inside The Unit

Keeping a list that is easily accessible inside the unit will help you to find something without tearing apart the entire storage unit. Take the time to sit down and take an inventory of every item inside the unit, as well as what box it is located in, and write it on one comprehensive itemized list. Make sure that you can quickly reference the list when you need to find something and you can pinpoint exactly what box it's being stored inside. Make sure that you keep the list taped on the wall located just inside the door of the storage unit so you can reference it at any time.

Following the tips outlined above can help keep your storage unit neat and tidy. The will also help to keep the contents of your unit clean from dirt and dust that can collect over time, so it stays in pristine condition. If you have any questions about what you can and cannot use inside a unit, you should consult with a local storage unit provider.