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How to Store Your Newspaper Collection in a Storage Unit

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Newspaper collecting is not as common as it once was. With the availability of news and history on the Internet, fewer people share the passion of collecting the newspapers that tell the stories of each day. For those that do collect newspapers from today and from many years ago, it can be difficult to store them safely.

If you still collect newspapers, maybe now is the time to consider renting a storage unit for them. Here, you will learn how to store your newspaper collection in a storage unit without them becoming damaged.

Find a Climate-controlled Storage Facility

The only way your newspaper collection will stay intact is if you find a climate controlled setting for them. Storing your collection in your basement or attic is never a good idea because it is difficult to control the moisture and heat levels in those areas.

Climate-controlled storage maintains a steady temperature and humidity level throughout the year. You do not have to worry about moisture exposure causing mold growth and heat causing the paper to become brittle.

Prepare the Newspapers for Storage

Proper preservation techniques must be used when preparing the newspapers for storage.

Lay the newspapers flat inside an acid-free box liked with acid-free tissue between each page. You do not want the pages touching each other or the ink could bleed from one page to another.

If the newspapers or clippings of newspapers are stored in a scrapbook, separate each page with a sheet of acid-free tissue paper. You may think that these pages are safe inside the scrapbook, but the truth is, they could still breakdown if they are not protected from touching each other or the other pages in the scrapbook.

Store the Newspapers

When you take your newspaper collection to the storage unit, you should take a wood pallet or shelving unit with you. You do not want to place the boxes filled with your collection on the concrete floor, because the slightest bit of moisture in the concrete could become absorbed into the box and into the paper.  

Do not stack too many boxes on top of each other. If your collection is quite extensive, you really should invest in a shelving unit for the storage unit. If you pile the boxes too high, they could fall or the weight of the top boxes could begin to crush the lower boxes.

You are collecting these newspapers for a good reason. They include historical stories that should be shared with tomorrow's generation. This process will help to ensure that the collection remains in good condition for a very, very long time. Use resources like http://www.storageinphila.com to find your ideal storage.