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Keeping Pests Away From Your Stored Belongings

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When someone needs to place their belongings in storage unit, keeping a pest intrusion away becomes a concern. It just takes one mouse or insect to lead to an infestation, making it important to take steps in keeping them from getting inside at all. Here are some steps to take in keeping your storage unit free from a pest problem.

Package Items Appropriately

The first step in keeping pests out of your storage unit is taking time to package items so pests do not become stowaways. Use brand new cardboard boxes when packaging items. Insect larvae could be present in older cardboard, possibly leading to an infestation if brought into a storage unit. It is important to check over each and every item you place a box before bringing to storage. This way no small mice or insects will make their way into the unit. Make sure to tape boxes and put lids on containers right after checking the contents so pests do not crawl in when you are not watching.

Check The Unit For Voids

If the unit itself is not secure, mice or insects can slip through voids in the walls. Before signing a rental agreement, take a look at the interior walls for any crevices where pests can crawl inside. If you notice any, have the facility make appropriate repairs or ask for a different unit. Take a look at the seal around the door to make sure there is no space an intruder could use to get inside. If it appears there is a gap around the door, pick another unit as your storage area.

Take Care Of Your Unit's Interior

To help keep insects and mice from coming into your unit, take steps in making it undesirable to these creatures. Do not store any edible items as they will quickly be smelled by pests on the outside. As soon as an insect or mouse is noticed in your unit, alert your storage unit's manager so they can check neighboring units. Someone else may have an infestation that spread to several units as a result. The manager would hire a pest control service if needed.

Draw a line of chalk across the entryway to your unit each time you visit. This will help keep ants on the outside as they do not like walking over powdery substances. Dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in your unit each time you go in to look at your items.  Mice tend to stay away from this scent. You will have the added bonus of a fresh smelling enclosure.

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